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An audacious experiment in crossing geographic, cultural, and musical borders, Akhila & the Alchemists brings together six distinctive indie music artists - singer-songwriter Akhila Ramnarayan, singer-guitarist-composer-producer Vedanth Bharadwaj; drummer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Doug Carraway; mridangam player, multi-percussionist, and composer-producer Praveen Sparsh; violinist-composer Shreya Devnath; and bassist-composer-producer Paul Jacob. Designer and illustrator Saloni Sinha provides the perfect complement to the music with her surrealist and whimsical art. 

"Beware enchantment by the Alchemists! If Akhila's voice isn't enough to break your heart, coupling that voice with the Alchemists' textures and soundscapes surely will." - Will Falk